Handmade Obelisk Stacking Boxes by Parvum Opus
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Obelisk Stacking Box Set, Blue Peacock Marble

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We're pleased to introduce our handmade obelisk stacking box sets, whose classical design and craftsmanship ensures their place both as functional pieces for your desk and heirlooms for the future. These are meticulously made by hand in our bindery and are ready for immediate shipping. We begin with hand-cut archival bookbinders' boards (37 pieces in each obelisk!) which are skillfully pieced together and jacketed in stunning hand-marbled paper from Il Papiro in Italy. The obelisk stacking boxes featured here include five separate boxes which stack to form a gently tapering obelisk. Each box, along with the pyramidal top is completely clad in this beautiful peacock marbled paper, and the base is finished with charming solid brass ball feet. 

This set includes one obelisk stacking box set. We cheerfully accept commissions for obelisks in your preferred paper patterns and invite you to contact us to learn more.


-12" tall, 3½" wide at the base

-Base box measures 3" square and 2" deep