Archival storage boxes by Parvum Opus
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Larger Hexagonal Box in Green Agate Paper

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A beautiful handmade gift, ready to ship! Parvum Opus is pleased to introduce handmade hexagonal boxes in two sizes. These lidded boxes are meticulously crafted by hand in our bindery, beginning with acid-free bookbinder's boards. This larger box is clad inside and out in beautiful handmarbled paper in shades of green with gold veining. We've topped this box lid with a bezel-set plaster intaglio. These castings were popular Grand Tour souvenirs in the 18th and 19th centuries, and are prized by collectors today. Our intaglios are handmade for us in England, and each one is unique in size, shape and design. Please note that this listing is for the larger of the two boxes shown in the images here, and the smaller box is available separately.


Larger Hexagonal Box:

- 6¼" wide x 4¼" outside dimensions, 5½" wide x 3 1/8" inside dimensions